The Best Library

By Natorya N. 

I had lived in Palm Beach County several years before my little brother came to live with me full-time. I’d been to the Downtown West Palm Beach Library hundreds of times and never stopped on the 3rd floor until I knew my little brother was coming down there to live with me. I went to the 3rd floor in search of material on how to raise a good kid. One of the staff, who actually doesn’t work there anymore, helped me by suggesting parenting materials that did help me so much. I began to consider that library to be like a 2nd home to me and my brother. When I needed a break, we’d walk there. We only lived a 15min walk away. He could play around on the computers, read, play games, be around different types of kids, ect… And I could relax, take a break… breathe. Fast forward a couple years. I’d been having these kid stories on my mind for a while. One day, I asked one of our favorite librarians to pull up all the books on a certain subject. She did and I read it. There was only one. Some months later, I started actually writing the stories. Those stories turned into a kids book series and my first book has a release date of 10/28/14. Without the help of this library and these librarians… My life would’ve been much more stressful and I may not be a published author with a new kids book able to be pre-ordered right now ( and in stores soon to be purchased by real people. My brother and I LOVE this library and its’ staff. It’s in the heart of Downtown West Palm Beach, exactly where it should be! Bookmark-page-001

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