Education Thought Leaders Forecast 2016 Trends

What are the education trends to look for in 2016? Paul Gazzolo, Gale Senior Vice President and General Manager, along with other education experts and school superintendents, shared their outlook and assessment of what we might see coming up in the new year!

Superintendents and other education experts look ahead on assessments, equity and PD

Paul Gazzolo

Senior Vice President and GM, Gale

Topic: Blended and online learning

Trend: Digital usage in K-12 over takes print as demand for online curriculum portals, ebooks and the need to access learning materials on-the-go increases. Students will expect learning content to find them – on their mobile devices, tablets or computers – not the other way around.

Klint W. Willert

Superintendent, Brookings School District, South Dakota

Topic: Testing & assessment

Trend: Student achievement is measured by more than a single assessment score. The trend of moving toward multiple measures, not just a test score, to determine the quality of a teacher, a school, and district will continue to resound with the voting public. People are joining a new TEA Party – Tested Enough Already.

Tracy Davison

Superintendent, Edmeston Central School, New York

Topic: Professional development

Trend: PLCs will be instituted to create a collaborative approach to increase student achievement.

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