Getting to Know U: Kyle

By Robert Lisiecki

We’re back with another Getting to Know U. Today, we’re going to skip the formalities and jump right into the issues that matter. Let’s talk about Kyle.


Kyle, a double-major in Prelaw and Business, regularly comes to the Law Library to study. He places a lot of pressure on himself to follow in his father’s footsteps as a well-respected torts attorney.

While some students are just looking to get through college and get their degrees as painlessly as possible, Kyle is not one of these students. He is dedicated and motivated. He’s someone who realizes his strengths and weaknesses and chooses to work hard in order to succeed big. He can’t just cakewalk through school and get a job at his dad’s firm. He has to earn it.

As a Prelaw student, Kyle must become a good researcher. He understands that solid research skills are imperative when it comes to working as a lawyer. Luckily for him, he has time as an undergraduate to improve upon this skill.

So, what does Kyle need? Well,he needs a resource that can help him in multiple ways. For one, he needs something that is easy to use. It’s frustrating to a student like Kyle if a resource is clunky, difficult, and disorganized. Resources like that are discouraging and don’t help him develop research skills, because he can’t research or learn to research if he can’t understand how to use the resource. Secondly, the resource must yield results that add to his research. Again, researching is key for Kyle, but not just research for the sake of research. It needs to have utility.

Since Kyle wants to eventually go to Law School and become a lawyer, he needs to get a basic understanding of law and how it works. While it might not be necessary for all students—since learning about law is what law school is for–it is absolutely necessary for Kyle. After all, he’s trying to emulate his father’s successes. So, Kyle will need resources that give him a solid foundation that he can take with him as he continues his journey.

Lastly, let’s focus on a basic need for Kyle. He needs to do well in his core classes. Having a solid GPA and LSAT score will propel him toward a more prestigious Law School. After all, he can’t be a lawyer if he doesn’t get into and pass Law School. Thus, Kyle needs resources that will help him succeed in his other classes.

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How Can Gale Help?

Those are just a few of the things Kyle has to deal with, but, for our introductory purposes, they work. Today, we’re going to focus on two resources that serves as solutions for Kyle.


Kyle needs to become a better researcher, which is why he likes GVRL. With GVRL, Kyle can search all of the library’s eBooks at one time. Instead of having to peruse the shelves in hopes of finding a book that contains a chapter or sentence that will solidify his research, he can save a ton of time while getting similar results.

He can actually get more pointed results as he has the option to “Limit Search by” document type, publication title, or subjects. He can sort results by relevance, title, or date. And, he can even search within the results if he wants to narrow them down further.

The Basic and Advanced search options allow him to search differently depending on how aware he is of his topic.

Once he’s found his work, he can view it via HTML or PDF, and then save it for later use, print it, download it, or even email it to himself.

If he finds that he needs to multitask and search somewhere else while checking to see if the page has useful information, Kyle has the option to listen to the text.

The features and functionality simplify researching for Kyle. GVRL even suggests related topics to him, which allows him to think about different connections in his research.

Kyle understands that one important aspect of research as a lawyer is making highlights and taking good notes. Luckily for him, Gale understands that too. One of his favorite features is the ability to highlight the article he’s reading and take notes on the spot. Once he’s done with the session, he can print his notes and citations for later use.

GVRL fits Kyle’s needs because it doesn’t complicate his research and it’s packed with useful information that he needs to succeed.

The Foundation of Law

Kyle understands that history has a tendency of repeating itself. So, he wants to not only understand some basic aspects of law, but he always wants to understand its history. This is where The Making of Modern Law comes into play. Let’s look at The Making of Modern Law: Foreign, Comparative, and International Law, 1600-1926.

This resource brings together foreign, comparative, and international works into a single resource, and features works of some of the greatest legal theorists.

What does that mean for Kyle? It means he gets to learn from some of the greatest legal minds at his convenience. These materials wouldn’t be easily accessible to a student like Kyle before they were digitized. Now, thanks to the Law Library, Kyle has the option to both search for works as well as browse authors or works.

The simple interface of this database makes it easy to perform the searches he needs and gets the results he wants without overcomplicating things. He can easily search for images, get citations, and navigate table of contents.

The “Search Tips” and “Help” features give him more insight into the database and help him utilize it to its full potential.

Basically, it allows Kyle to get trustworthy information and build a foundation of legal history that he wouldn’t have otherwise been able to get. While admittedly he may find some of the content to be dry, Kyle loves it because it’s helping he make strides towards being a renowned lawyer like his father.


We think it’s safe to say that Kyle is definitely a unique student at Gale U. Is there a Kyle at your campus? Learn more about Kyle’s story and the resources he likes at Join as next time as we delve into another unique story at Gale U.


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