Getting to Know U: Nas

Getting to Know U: Nas

We’ve made some serious progress with our Getting to Know U series, but a few personas still need to be introduced. Today, we’re going to look at the Graduate Library and learn about Nas, an American History Master’s student.


Nas is in the second term of his program, which leaves him quite busy. As a Master’s student, he attends classes, gets a lot of homework, and works as a research and teaching assistant for the department chair—all while working on developing his thesis.

A theme we see a lot at Gale U is time management. In that sense, Nas is no different. Time is of the essence and he needs to spend it wisely to efficiently navigate through his daily activities.

Nas understands he needs to distinguish himself if he wants to propel his career after graduation. He’d rather make history with his research than get lost in it. His classmates feel the same way. So, for Nas, content is key. He’s constantly looking for relevant results that allow him to quickly find what he needs and analyze patterns.

The key term here is relevant. Sure, Nas could look through a large pile of content, but it can’t just be any content—it needs to be good content. He likes to research, but he’d rather not do it aimlessly. Researching with a sense of purpose and direction fits better into his lifestyle.

How can Gale help?

Nas takes advantage of quite a few resources, but two that directly impact his current research are Sabin Americana and Liberty Magazine Historical Archive. Both resources offer quality, pertinent, and distinct content.

Nas particularly values Liberty Magazine Historical Archive because it’s helping him research a potential thesis topic—the rise of the middle class. Liberty is known for its unique and permanent perspective on the nation’s daily life, interests, and values during a vital period.

Nas finds the information quite useful, but what he really likes is how easy it is to find the information. When going to Liberty Magazine Historical Archive, he can easily look for the information he needs through various mediums. He can basic search if he has a general idea of what he’s looking for, he can browse by date, contributor, or artist if he knows specifically what he wants, or he can do an advanced search if he wants a very point result. With the options clearly laid out and intuitive, he’s able to spend more time research and less time figuring out how to research.

While Liberty Magazine Historical Archive gives Nas a journalistic perspective, Sabin Americana offers him a collection of books, pamphlets, serials, and other works about the Americas. This range of materials gives Nas some great primary source materials to work with. It helps him track the progress of America’s development, which appeals to his passion. This resource gives him similar search functionality, which gives him the consistent he needs to maintain solid research.

Not only does Nas have access to quality content, but he also doesn’t have to worry about different search functionalities or inconsistencies when searching. It gives him a peace of mind to focus on what really matters to him—his thesis.

Both of these resources are a part of Gale Artemis: Primary Sources. Why does this fact matter to Nas? Well, while individually searching each archive offers unique and fresh perspectives, Gale Artemis: Primary Sources allows him to cross-search them to see what he can find on a particular search. It gives him greater depth and allows him to look at the overall scope of information. Furthermore, with functionalities like Term Clusters and Term Frequency, Nas has unique tools at his disposal to maybe rethink his research or take it to different angles.

Learn more about the resources Nas uses and check out others at Gale U. Look back here to learn more about people.

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