Getting to Know U: Noelle

By Robert Lisiecki

It’s time for another rendition of Getting to Know U. Today, we’re going to look at nursing student Noelle and her specific challenges and solutions.

While Noelle’s specific situation might not relate globally, her general predicament is quite relatable.  Noelle recently lost her job, and is going back to school to get a better degree, get her job back (or a new job), and find some job security.

With the instability of the job market, it’s probably safe to say everyone knows at least one person like Noelle. It’s imperative for her to get back on her feet, and she needs the right education for that.

noelleFor Noelle’s situation, she became a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) a few years ago. At the time, she thought it was the right decision as it saved her time and money, and helped her start her career sooner. In hindsight, however, it didn’t really pay off as being an LPN afforded her a lower salary, less opportunity for growth, and less job security.

To fix her current predicament, Noelle plans to go back to school and become a Registered Nurse (RN). She feels great pressure to complete her education as soon as possible because she’s a new mother and wants to be able to support her baby.

So, not only does Noelle need to take the maximum credits, she also needs accessibility. Balancing school and motherhood is a challenge she’s ready to take on, but she undoubtedly needs her school’s support.

So, what does Noelle need? She needs resources that are authoritative, accessible, and efficient.

Let’s see how Gale can help Noelle’s library support her.

Testing & Education Reference Center

While classes will give Noelle the necessary credits to work towards her RN, she’ll ultimately need to pass a certification test before she can start practicing her new career.

This is where Testing & Education Reference Center (TERC) comes into play.

TERC is very useful for Noelle as it’s intuitive and filled with useful information.

Going into the database, Noelle can locate the materials she needs very easily. She simply needs to click on Career Tools and then locate the “Medical/Nursing Page.” This page is filled with useful links, descriptions, online books, and, most importantly, practice tests.

As mentioned above, Noelle needs to pass this test to give both herself and her son a better life. The online and consolidated nature of the resource is to her liking. She can appreciate that this resource is something she can utilize at the library or even when her baby naps for a while. With it, she’ll get the necessary preparation to ace the test and start her new life.

Nursing Resource Center

Noelle already has some experience in nursing, but she understands that a better job title with higher pay comes with more responsibilities. She needs to refine and sharpen her skills as a part of her course work.

Nursing Resource Center works for her because it’s designed to match the nursing process workflow—fast and efficient with the information she needs. So, it helps her stay on her game and gain the knowledge she needs to be a successful RN.

It’s accessible and authoritative, making connections between content and clinical practice, which fit in with her busy life.

Features like Further Readings and Key Terms help Noelle get the information she needs conveniently. Instead of needing to look up key words, they’re defined for her right on the page, and then she can see some of the source material that’s available if she wants to delve deeper in to her particular topic.

With options to print, download, or email her readings, she can feel great knowing she’ll always be able to have her reading materials with her, regardless of her situation.

These are just a few resources that will help Noelle reach her goal.  Check out the other resources and learn more about Noelle here.

Check back next time as we meet another member.


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