Some Oldies, But Some Goodies

Posted on December 21, 2015

Take another listen to some great webinars hosted by Gale over the past few years as we prepare to say goodbye to 2015, and hello to 2016!

Taming the Digital Tiger: Implementing a Successful Digital or 1:1 Initiative

Speaker: Lenny Schad, Educational Technologist

Hear from Lenny Schad, respected educational technologist and ISTE published author of Bring Your Own Learning, as he shares his experiences leading a large Texas school district through a program of inclusion – creating an environment where it would no longer matter which brands of hardware are being used or who owns the device.

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Preparing High School Students for College Level Research

Is Google still the first stop for your students? Experts share best practices in helping students learn the process of researching – from picking trustworthy online resources to using citations for credits.

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Demonstrating the Value of Your Library – Data That Makes a Difference

Librarians share how they measure their library programs’ success and impact on students. This webinar also covers defining useful anecdotal and statistical data, building relationships with students and teachers, and collecting and using data to measure student growth.

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Merging High School Science with Common Core Standards

Gear your classroom teachings to align with the Common Core State Standards. New York teachers Michal Cohan, Mary Seligman and Joy Grasso Krebs discuss the integration of ELA standards into science-based projects, meeting CCSS for Honors Biology using online resources, and more.

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