Exciting Partners. Must-Have Products. New Focus.

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Today, we announced some exciting changes at Gale, live from our headquarters in Farmington Hills, MI. In case you missed it, you can watch a recording of the event and read the press release. As the needs of libraries of all kinds evolve, so too, does Gale.  Here’s a short recap of the exciting changes we are making to better serve learners of all types.



  • More Research Support for STEM Subjects: The study of STEM subjects has never been more important to libraries. From the demands of common-core curriculum alignment, and maker-spaces in your public library, to oncology research in medical school, STEM is everywhere. And now it’s here too! Through new partnerships with leading STEM publishers Springer and Elsevier, we are supporting some of the largest and fastest growing fields of study. In the coming weeks, GVRL will see the addition of almost 3,000 eBook monographs from Springer and hundreds from Elsevier. These partnerships bring two of the top publishers in STEM to one place for your students, patrons, and users.


  • New eBook Collections: We’ve created new collections, allowing you to purchase subject- and discipline-specific eBook titles for all subjects. Whether you’re serving a high school junior working on a history project, a college senior working on a term paper, or supporting the local gardener, acquiring the right titles should be straight-forward. We’re launching 70 new collections today – with more to come as YOU need!


  • Education-focused Programs: In addition to expanding beyond traditional reference in terms of the content available on GVRL, we’re also launching new solutions dedicated to the advancement of learning through programs like Career Online High School, an accredited high school completion program now available for our public libraries. What’s more, our first partner Los Angeles Public Library officially launches their program today.



It’s been nearly a decade since we launched the Gale Virtual Reference Library. What began as a way to bring our reference content into your library in a more accessible way soon became a way to bring ALL reference content to your library. And now, we’re looking past reference to include proprietary monographs collections and other multi-media content.

Tomorrow, more information will be added to this blog speaking directly to what these announcements mean to your specific library type. Be sure to subscribe to see the updates on these and other updates as they happen. We’re very excited about this news – and can’t wait to talk to you more about it.
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10 thoughts on “Exciting Partners. Must-Have Products. New Focus.”

  1. Pardon me for being less than enthusiastic about your ability to create lists.

    I would find these features more valuable
    1. READING LEVEL Here is a description from an ebook: accessible enough for younger and middle school students, yet appropriate for high school students, too. This is not specific enough to help me in choosing books
    2. BETTER LAYOUT FOR BOOKS Take a look at the collection you advertised the other day by Britannica illustrated science library. I was working w/ students using the book and had to profusely apologize for the dreadful layout while trying to encourage them to look for content.. If you are trying to attract digital natives, this needs to be addressed. It would be great if I could have the ability to access this before purchasing, especially in electronic versions where images are not available due to licensing.
    3. ADVANCED SEARCH allowing me to use Boolean features, publication date, intended audience
    J Miller
    Middle & High School Librarian

    • Thank you for taking time to review our lists and provide this thoughtful feedback. We would like to discuss your comments in more detail so that we may help you find what you need and potentially improve our future programs as well. If you’d like to connect with us on this, please email [email protected].

    • Hi, Patricia. The link is for our blog’s RSS feed. We are working on creating an email subscription newsletter and hope to have that ready shortly. You can also follow our social media accounts listed at http://blog.gale.com/connect for our latest blog posts. Thanks for following up!


  2. Hi,
    This is great news. I hope that you will offer an affordable school package for an eBook SCHOOL reference collection, and easy access/authentication for students and faculty.

    • Hi Virginia, thanks for commenting. We’ll be adding some great STEM eBook collections for the school market in the near future. That said, we launched several eBook collections yesterday covering a variety of school subjects; you can check them out at http://solutions.cengage.com/ebookcollections/school/.

      Are you or your students having trouble accessing Gale products? If so, I’ll be happy to put you in touch with someone who can help, just let me know. Thanks!


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