GED® Now Counts for Credit Toward a Career Online High School Diploma

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| By Porter Beermann, Smart Horizons Career Online Education |

Students can now use successfully completed components of the GED® for transfer credit to help them earn their accredited high school diploma

Smart Horizons Career Online High School recently announced that students can now apply successfully completed General Equivalency Diploma (GED®) segments toward their Career Online High School diploma. This change will provide many students with a more seamless path to high school graduation by recognizing their successful performance on portions of the GED battery.

As an accredited school district, Smart Horizons Career Online Education (SHCOE) currently grants student transfer credits based on a review of official high school transcripts. The GED® now provides another way for them to earn credit, and one that is highly relevant for the demographic the district serves.

“Thousands of our students, who were not successful in traditional high schools, have attempted to pass the GED at some point in their life. For various reasons, however, they do not (or cannot) complete all four of the content areas. We are thrilled that they will now be able to apply previously passed GED® content areas, and know that their education counts—as does the time, effort, and money they spent obtaining it—no matter what path they chose.”

— Dr. Howard Liebman, District Superintendent for SHCOE

Students who have passed any of the GED® subject areas at a Performance Level 2 or higher (145+) can now apply that toward their core courses.

What courses can students receive credit for?

Math: If they passed GED® Mathematical Reasoning, you get credit for SHCOE’s Math 1, 2, and 3.

English: If they passed GED® Reasoning Through Language Arts, you get credit for SHCOE’s English 1, 2, 3, and 4.

Science: If they passed GED® Science, you get credit for SHCOE’s Science 1, 2, and 3.

Social Studies: If they passed GED® Social Studies, you get credit for SHCOE’s Social Studies 1, 2, 3, and 4.

“The approval of this initiative by our national accrediting body (i.e., AdvancED) is a huge win for our students,” said Dr. Liebman. “Many of our adult and older youth students have been trying to complete high school any which way they can. We want to support their learning, their success, and give credit wherever credit is due, so that they can matriculate into the post-secondary system and/or promising careers.”

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  1. I completed 12 years of high school but I was missing a couple credits I went in the military and completed four years of military how could I get my high school diploma or GED do I have to start all over again, or can get credit for the classes I already took

    • Hi Larry,
      Yes, you can speak with the library that offers Career Online High School about getting those credit applied to your high school diploma!

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