Library Journal Webcast – High School Diplomas @ the Public Library

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October, 20, 2016

Public Libraries have supported education and enlightenment for years.  But what if your library could actually produce high school graduates?  It can.  With Career Online High School (COHS) from Gale.

It’s already happening at more than 100 public libraries across the country – adults are being engaged back into the educational system and earning their high school diplomas plus career certification.  Adults are graduating.  And…lives are being changed.

Career Online High School is a vocation-based high school completion program that allows libraries to offer accredited high school diplomas and career certificates to adult learners. The 18-credit program helps adults earn an accredited diploma while simultaneously gaining career training AND vital job search skills (including resume development, business etiquette, and much more).

Our panelists will share why they chose the program, what it has meant in terms of community partnerships, exposure, demonstrating outcomes, etc. They will also give insight into the day-to-day program operations, share best practices and you’ll even hear a tale or two of how this program has impacted the lives of their COHS students and graduates.

Here from four libraries that currently offer Career Online High School and have graduates.

  • Misty Jones, Library Director, San Diego Public Library
  • Jennifer Giltrop, Deputy Director Public Services, Jacksonville Public Library
  • Keith Armour, Career Online High School Program Director, Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County
  • Viviana Casillas, Career Online High School Program Director, Denver Public Library

Support the more than 40 million American adults who lack a high school diploma.  With COHS, your library can help address an educational crisis and create meaningful outcomes in your community.

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