Live PD Workshops with Dave Burgess? Yes, Please!

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| By Andrea Drouillard |

Teaching Outside of the Box: A Crash Course in Creativity

What does creativity mean to you?

Creativity cuts across every single content area that is taught and studied at school. In addition, it’s open and available to all. In fact, the root of the word creativity is “to make.” If you think about it that way, every time we make something, we create! 

Have you ever…

  • Whipped up dinner by totally improvising with what you had in your kitchen?
  • Prepared a lesson plan while making dinner?
  • Balanced a Zoom call, a child doing online learning, a dog barking, and someone at the door?

That is creativity! Challenges, constraints, and restrictions often lead to innovation.

We are in the midst of the most extreme and challenging time in history.

When it comes to teaching, creativity involves using things that are already around you, adding your unique spin to it, and taking it to your students. Applying what you learned can make it even better the next time!

To enhance your efforts, we’re happy to announce a new collaboration with New York Times Best-Selling author and Gale eBooks partner Dave Burgess Consulting, Inc. Together, we’re making Dave’s one-hour, live PD session a virtual event! Teaching Outside of the Box: A Crash Course in Creativity will help you and your teammates learn how to skyrocket creativity and create lessons that will have students knocking down the virtual doors to join your classes! Here’s Dave to tell you more!


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Andrea Drouillard

Andrea Drouillard is a sales director for K‒12 and public library markets at Gale. She’s a mom, music lover, lipstick hoarder, gardener, and street art enthusiast who is always happiest by the water.

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