Object Computing Invests in Career Online High School

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| By Sydney Fairman |

Recently, Object Computing, Inc. (OCI) and the St. Louis County Library announced OCI’s investment of approximately $150,000 to support some of the library’s initiatives, including Career Online High School.

Career Online High School, a nationally accredited program, allows adults the opportunity to earn a high school diploma while gaining career skills. The program ensures student success through a flexible online platform, academic coaches, career guidance, and much more.

Currently, more than 90,000 adults in the St. Louis area currently do not have a high school diploma. OCI is sponsoring 50 scholarships to be awarded to women and minority applicants over the next 5 years for Career Online High School.

“These programs endeavor to make our community stronger, by ensuring a strong educational foundation and offering opportunities for more specialized training in job markets with higher demand and growth, such as technology. The library is building and enabling an untapped workforce; as a local employer and citizen, we are honored to assist. There is no question, this program will transform the lives of students.”

– Gina Bremehr, Chief Operating Officer at OCI

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