Library is First in Carolinas to Offer Career Online High School

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| By Gale Staff |

In 2014, Diamond Wilson dropped out of high school and moved to Charlotte, North Carolina where she has limited prospects for financial stability. When she returned to Columbia in 2017, she knew she needed an education to get ahead. She enrolled in an adult education program, where she soon realized that she couldn’t dedicate the hours necessary to obtain her GED when she needed to work full-time to survive.

“Richland Library is about to launch the Career Online High School. I want you to try this out,” Janet Stroman, customer service associate at Richland Library Northeast and Diamond’s grandmother, texted Diamond one day.

Now, Diamond blocks out eight to 10 hours each week to complete her studies. Every day, she comes home from work, eats dinner, and then goes online for school.

“My coursework is a priority. I know that graduating from the Career Online High School is my stepping stone to college and a better job.”

– Diamond Wilson

Career Online High School, a nationally accredited program, allows adults the opportunity to earn a high school diploma while gaining career skills. The program ensures student success through a flexible online platform, academic coaches, career guidance, and much more. Richland County Library is the first library in the Carolinas to offer program and offers workspace for program students.

“It’s never been easier for adults to earn their high school diploma. It’s online, free, and can be completed in as little as six months… The human interaction, I think, is so important and to know that there are resources available even if you didn’t go to high school when most of us did, in our teens, there is another opportunity out there.”

– Diane Luccy, Manager of Business and Careers at Richland Library

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