Road Trip Safety Tips for Summer and Beyond

Road Trip Safety Tips for Summer and Beyond

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By Jacquelyn Goetz Bluethmann

Planning a summer road trip? In addition to packing the life vests, fishing poles, and bike helmets, you’ll want to give some thought to making sure the adventure is both fun and safe for all involved.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recommends a number of steps to prepare you, your family and your vehicle for the road. Some of those NHTSA resources follow:

Vehicle Safety Checklist: From tire pressure and tread checks to vehicle fluid level assessments, Road Safety tips for Summer and beyond at your libarary this checklist walks you through steps you can take to ensure your car is road ready.

Child Safety Reminders: NHTSA has put together some friendly reminders about being extra cautious in areas where like beaches and campgrounds where lots of little kids are likely to be playing.

Being a Responsible Driver: Seatbelt safety, distracted and drunk driving cautions are underscored here.

Prepping for Emergencies: Assembling an emergency kit is a must for long road trips. This NHTSA fact sheet provides recommendations for things to include like jumper cables, maps, and a First Aid Kid.

The National Safety Council contains information on its website about road safety including information on defensive driving, child safety seats, and seatbelts.

Exploring the Land of the Free

In addition to automobile resources, provide travelers with informative, accessible tools that will guide them through their adventures. Plus, these tools can be taken along for the ride digitally!

  • National Geographic: People, Animals, and the World — Full-text books, National Geographic Traveler magazine from 2010 to present, videos, full-color maps and atlases, and downloadable images
  • Instructor-led online courses to help travelers develop skills to write and photograph their journeys 
  • eBook versions of popular and relevant travel guides that your patrons can take with them on their mobile devices across the country

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