Promote Adult Education and Family Literacy This (and Every) Week

| By Gale Staff | During National Adult Education and Family Literacy Week (September 20–26), you have a chance to promote the many ways your library supports these important, mission-critical functions. As you may know, more than half of all jobs (now 54%) in the U.S. today require education beyond a high school diploma, but … Read more

Kent District Library Praises Career Online High School

| By Gale Staff | Career Online High School is an 18-credit, vocation-based high school completion program offered through public libraries. Unlike a GED, adults can enroll in the program and earn an accredited high school diploma and entry-level career certificates in a high-growth, high-demand career field. Kent District Library (KDL) is one of 150 libraries … Read more

San Diego County Library Graduates Celebrate New Beginnings

| By Gale Staff | Career Online High School (COHS) gives students the opportunity to earn an 18-credit AdvancED/SACS accredited high school diploma, a credentialed career certificate, and a career portfolio including a resume and cover letter. Students receive extensive career development support and graduate with the tools they need to take the next step … Read more

Mother & Daughter Graduate Together

| By Gale Staff | Esperanza Torres Carrillo was determined to graduate high school by the time her daughter Amy graduated from 5th grade in June 2019. With that goal in mind, in September 2018, she enrolled in Career Online High School (COHS) through the Los Angeles Public Library, earning her diploma just eight months later, … Read more

A Second Chance at Earning a High School Diploma

| By Gale Staff | Two Richland County residents look forward to graduating from their local library’s Career Online High School program. Richland County resident Jason Scott learned the cost of leaving high school at 17 to care for his infant daughter. “Since 1988, I couldn’t get those better-paying jobs without a diploma.” Things are … Read more

Clark County Library District Helps Adults Earn Diplomas

| By Gale Staff | Frantz Vardman, who is 19 years old and homeless, is earning his high school diploma with the help of the Clark County Library District. Vardman is one of about 40 adults who are working their way through Career Online High School, an accredited high school diploma and career skills program. … Read more

Boulder Public Library Empowers Residents with Career Online High School

| By Gale Staff | More than 5,000 adults in Boulder County lack a high school diploma or equivalent credential, according to the Boulder Public Library (BPL). To combat the high dropout rate, BPL began offering Career Online High School (COHS), a nationally accredited program that allows adult students to earn a high school diploma … Read more

Richland Library Tackles High School Dropout Rate

| By Gale Staff | In South Carolina, more than 570,000 people do not have a high school diploma. Richland Library is changing that by offering residents Career Online High School (COHS), an accredited program to help adults earn their diplomas. Diane Luccy, Business and Careers Manager at Richland Library, speaks to the importance of a … Read more

Career Online High School Graduates Take the Next Step Toward Education

| By Gale Staff | Career Online High School (COHS) offers adults the opportunity to earn an accredited high school diploma concurrently with an entry-level workforce certificate. With the first step of education completed, graduates are taking the next step toward education. Currently, more than 80 percent of Smart Horizons Career Online Education (SHCOE) COHS … Read more

The Power to Change Lives

| By Gale Staff | Earlier this year, American Library Association (ALA) President Loida Garcia-Febo joined ALA and state library leaders at the Central Library of Los Angeles for a reception to highlight the value of libraries. During the ceremony, Los Angeles City Librarian John Szabo showcased the library’s Career Online High School program, which offers adults … Read more