Gale Gets Ready to Toast the New Year

This year was nothing short of a wild ride. As 2016 comes to a close and we lay our sights on what we want to accomplish in 2017, we took a few minutes to chat with product and marketing leaders at Gale for their thoughts, hopes and predictions for the coming year.

Overall, they predict academic libraries will be taking on more visible roles when it comes affordability and advancing digital scholarship (aka digital humanities). An exceptional year in politics globally may lead to more calls for diversity-based content and will likely present new opportunities for public libraries to support Americans and American workers when it comes to information and media literacy as well as education and workforce training. As the digital transition in K-12 moves full speed ahead, personalized learning environments and flexibility will be key especially as ESSA legislation is implemented.

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Education Thought Leaders Forecast 2016 Trends

What are the education trends to look for in 2016? Paul Gazzolo, Gale Senior Vice President and General Manager, along with other education experts and school superintendents, shared their outlook and assessment of what we might see coming up in the new year! Superintendents and other education experts look ahead on assessments, equity and PD Paul … Read more…