Recognizing Caribbean American Achievements

| By Carol Brennan | June is Caribbean American Heritage Month, an opportunity to reflect upon this remarkable community that is ethnically diverse, politically engaged, and culturally dynamic. Gale In Context: Biography is regularly updated with new entries that highlight how significant an impact the Caribbean diaspora has had and continues to have on American life Helming … Read more

Understanding and Treating PTSD

| By Barbara Wexler, MPH | Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a mental health condition triggered by experiencing, witnessing, or sometimes even simply hearing about a traumatic event. Although PTSD is often associated with military combat, the condition is not limited to combat veterans. It can affect anyone who has lived through extreme trauma, usually … Read more

Can’t-Miss Webinar: Join a Convo about Large Print Trends

| By Gale Staff | What does it mean to upsize reading experiences in your library? By expanding your large print collection, you can make reading more accessible and enjoyable for everyone. From reluctant adult readers to anyone who needs a break from digital devices, younger and more diverse audiences are finding the large print … Read more

Exciting New Enhancements to the Gale Support Site!

| By Gale Staff | The Gale support site is a comprehensive platform that equips users with the necessary tools to effectively manage and promote their Gale resources. With direct URLs and MARC records, accessing the resources becomes simpler and more streamlined. Additionally, Gale Pages enhance the discovery of resources, ensuring that users can easily … Read more

The Past, Present & Future of Feminism in International Relations

| By Alyssa Anderson, Gale Ambassador at Florida International University | In a world of restrictive gender roles, women are assumed to play a peripheral part while men take the lead. Feminism was introduced as a critical theory in the study of international relations to defy the marginalization of women in the field. To focus … Read more

ChiltonLibrary Delivers GM’s Newest Marque and the Latest Updates

By Chilton Staff ChiltonLibrary recently updated its General Motors coverage, including GM’s newest make. GM is a storied company, reigning as the biggest carmaker on the planet for decades. Unlike others, however, General Motors didn’t begin by inventing or designing automobiles. It all started when GM bought Buick, Oldsmobile, Cadillac, and other fledgling automakers. For … Read more

Weighing the Pros and Cons of Youth Sports

| By Gale Staff | Youth sports programs offer fertile ground for nurturing critical life skills: teamwork, persistence, and pride in one’s accomplishments. However, as teachers, we sometimes see drawbacks. For example, student-athletes may suffer from unrealistic expectations and real or perceived pressure from parents, peers, and coaches. Sports can also create barriers that exclude … Read more