Honoring Bruce Lee

| By Gale Staff | On July 20, 1973, the legendary martial arts master and movie actor, Bruce Lee, died of mysterious circumstances. Just three weeks later, Enter the Dragon premiered in theatres. Lee was the star, and the film’s masterful fight scenes, James Bond-adjacent characters, and indulgent 1970s charms made the movie an instant … Read more

Gale Literature Resource Center: Exciting New Enhancements

| By Gale Staff | We’re excited to announce that Gale Literature Resource Center will be receiving enhancements aimed to expand classroom use for both students and instructors. Students will be able to quickly find useful content—even for those less familiar with primary sources. Instructors will find easy-to-use selections of primary source documents that can … Read more

Celebrating with Pride: Achievements of LGBTQ+ Americans

| By Carol Brennan | June: The jubilant month of weddings, graduations, solstice celebrations, and of course LGBTQ+ Pride Month—when Americans in all 50 states stand in support of LGBTQ+ rights and honor the trailblazers who fought for equality, recognition, and respect. As the world’s largest publisher of reference materials, it’s literally our job here … Read more

Meet Daniel Hale Williams

| By Gale Staff | Educators understand the value of sharing role models with their students. Integrating inspirational stories into lesson planning can increase student engagement and may even spark curiosity in a field that students haven’t considered before. First, however, students must have a chance to see themselves within these narratives. Too often, the … Read more

Helping Students Research and Understand the Opioid Crisis 

| By Elizabeth Mohn | Learning about current events helps students understand more about their communities and other communities around the world. In the United States and numerous other countries, the opioid epidemic and its effects have been important news events for years. However, new factors and developments mean that the story is constantly evolving. … Read more

Bring Shark Week Into the Classroom

| By Gale Staff | Each July, for more than 30 years, the Discovery Channel has captivated Americans with its high-drama, documentary-style programming about sharks. Whether you’re an armchair marine biologist or are just seeking the thrill of fear before your trip to the beach this summer, Shark Week is both educational and undeniably fascinating. … Read more