Gale Literature Resource Center: Exciting New Enhancements

| By Gale Staff | We’re excited to announce that Gale Literature Resource Center will be receiving enhancements aimed to expand classroom use for both students and instructors. Students will be able to quickly find useful content—even for those less familiar with primary sources. Instructors will find easy-to-use selections of primary source documents that can … Read more

Start Summer with Pride

| By Gale Staff | With the end of the spring semester looming, librarians can begin preparing for the start of summer. And what better way to kick off the season than by celebrating Pride Month? Taking place in June, Pride Month is a celebratory observation of LGBTQ+ accomplishments, culture, struggles, and injustices. The celebration … Read more

The Indispensability of the English Major

| By Gale Staff | A recent article published in The New Yorker remarks on the startling decline of humanities majors. Aspiring book lovers, philosophers, and writers are instead enrolling in coursework for business or computer science. In the past decade, Ohio State’s number of humanities graduates declined by nearly half. Most major universities, whether … Read more

A Rare Glance into History

| By Gale Staff | Banner Image: Martingale, Hawser. Tales of the Ocean, and Essays for the Forecastle: Containing Matters and Incidents Humorous, Pathetic, Romantic and Sentimental: By Hawser Martingale; Illustrated with Numerous Engravings . . . . Boston: S. N. Dickinson, 1841. American Fiction, 1774-1920. Harvard University’s Harry Elkins Widener Memorial Library has 57 … Read more

Greater Accessibility for Gale Literature Databases

| By Gale Staff | We are pleased to announce that additional accessibility features are now available within Gale Literature: Dictionary of Literary Biography, Gale Literature: Something About the Author, and Gale Literature Criticism. In February, plain text optical character recognition (OCR) at the page level was introduced to Dictionary of Literary Biography and Something … Read more

Meet the Needs of Your Multilingual Student Body

| By Gale Staff | The traditional college student body is becoming ever more diverse—with individuals from all different backgrounds—and this diversity on campus is incredibly valuable for schools. Having a heterogeneous population challenges stereotypes, encourages empathy, and inspires critical thinking. As a result, graduates are better prepared to communicate across differences in the real … Read more