Myths Debunked: 5 Widely Believed Tales about Historical Figures

| By Gale Staff | Although history is reliant on facts, many misconceptions exist about well-known historical figures. Did George Washington have wooden teeth? Did Einstein fail math? As historians look at the past with a critical eye, they’ve found proof to debunk common myths that evolved over time and are now widely accepted. Myths … Read more

International Human Rights Day

| By Carol Brennan | On December 10, 1948, the United Nations (UN) General Assembly voted to adopt the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), one of the most comprehensive blueprints to ensure the civil liberties of all global citizens regardless of gender, ethnicity, or religious affiliation. Every December 10th, International Human Rights Day is … Read more

Native American Heritage Month: Celebrating Fascinating Figures

|By Carol Brennan| November is Native American Heritage Month. Join us in honoring and celebrating the culture, traditions, history, and contributions of Native Americans. Gale In Context: Biography is a comprehensive resource for students and teachers seeking out historical figures, from Samoset (c. 1590–c. 1653), a member of the Eastern Abenaki of Maine who was … Read more

Celebrating National Hispanic Heritage Month

| By Carol Brennan | National Hispanic Heritage Month kicks off on September 15, 2022, and Gale In Context: Biography has been a phenomenal resource for students, teachers, and lifelong learners on this topic since the introductory volumes of Gale’s Contemporary Hispanic Biography and Notable Hispanic American Women were published in the early 1990s. Today, … Read more

The End of an Era

|By Carol Brennan| The remarkable reign of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II ended on September 8, 2022, when the 96-year-old monarch died at Balmoral Castle in Scotland. Her astonishing 70-year reign—the longest of any British sovereign—might be measured by noting that when she ascended to the throne of the House of Windsor upon the death of … Read more

Celebrating Caribbean American History Month

| By Carol Brennan | June is Caribbean American Heritage Month. Explore Gale In Context: Biography to discover the wide range of notable figures who have made significant contributions to a genuinely diverse America. Early immigrants from the West Indies brought tales of island uprisings that ultimately prompted Britain to abolish slavery in its colonies … Read more