Elevate Instruction with Upgrades in Gale Interactive: Science

| By Gale Staff | Find more tools to engage students in science instruction with the latest enhancements in Gale Interactive: Science. Discover how to make learning seamless in Canvas or Schoology with deep linking. Plus, explore 15 new 3D models available to provide hands-on lessons in biology, physics, chemistry, and more. Share Activities in … Read more

New ReadSpeaker Enhancements for Improved Accessibility

| By Gale Staff | Small steps toward more accessible resources lead to leaps in equitable learning opportunities. This April, we’re upgrading all Gale resources with ReadSpeaker technology to a new, enhanced version to improve experiences for your learners and researchers. ReadSpeaker is a text-to-speech tool that enables users to listen to content, read along … Read more

Support Diverse Learning with Enhanced Peterson’s Experience

| By Gale Staff | From the high school or community college student just embarking on a career to someone seeking a new job opportunity, Gale Presents: Peterson’s Test and Career Prep* is essential. For test takers, there’s standardized test preparation, ideal for researching undergraduate, graduate, and vocational programs; finding tuition assistance, and exploring and … Read more

Showcasing American Men and Women of Science

| By K. Lee Lerner | The 41st edition of the venerable and widely trusted American Men & Women of Science has released and introduces 4,000 new listees to this premier compendium of accomplished American scientists. In continuous publication since 1906, American Men & Women of Science showcases the vital work and achievements of prominent … Read more

New Titles for Gale OneFile, November 2022

| By Gale Staff | Gale Academic OneFile Defense One (Government Executive Media Group LLC)   JIMD Reports (John Wiley & Sons, Inc.) Peer-reviewed Journal of Flood Risk Management (John Wiley & Sons, Inc.) Peer-reviewed Journal of Interdisciplinary Nanomedicine (John Wiley & Sons, Inc.) Peer-reviewed Journal of Medical Radiation Sciences (John Wiley & Sons, Inc.) … Read more

Gale’s Who’s Who Among African Americans Celebrates Extraordinary Everyday Citizens

| By Tara Atterberry | In the course of updating Who’s Who Among African Americans, we identify and present newly listed African Americans, many of whom are up-and-coming shining stars within their respective professions. We’re excited to learn what they’ve already achieved and anxious to see what they will accomplish next. Simultaneously, we honor the … Read more

New Titles for Gale OneFile, October 2022

|By Gale Staff| Gale Academic OneFile AI in Civil Engineering (Springer)   ejHaem (John Wiley & Sons, Inc.) Peer-reviewed JGH Open (John Wiley & Sons, Inc.) Peer-reviewed Journal of Cachexia, Sarcopenia and Muscle (John Wiley & Sons, Inc.) Peer-reviewed Journal of Diabetes Investigation (John Wiley & Sons, Inc.) Peer-reviewed Journal of General and Family Medicine … Read more

New Titles for Gale OneFile, September 2022

Gale Academic OneFile Advanced Genetics (John Wiley & Sons, Inc.) Peer-reviewed Æther: A Journal of Strategic Airpower & Spacepower (Air University Press) Peer-reviewed Aggregate (John Wiley & Sons, Inc.) Peer-reviewed Aging and Cancer (John Wiley & Sons, Inc.) Peer-reviewed Air & Space Operations Review (Air University Press) Peer-reviewed Animal Models and Experimental Medicine (John Wiley … Read more