The Past, Present & Future of Feminism in International Relations

| By Alyssa Anderson, Gale Ambassador at Florida International University | In a world of restrictive gender roles, women are assumed to play a peripheral part while men take the lead. Feminism was introduced as a critical theory in the study of international relations to defy the marginalization of women in the field. To focus … Read more

Empower Students in Digital Currency Banking

| By Gale Staff | Educators’ focus on teaching students about money once consisted of straightforward lessons about calculating interest rates, creating a savings account, and basic budgeting. Now, with the ever-increasing talk about digital currencies gaining traction across YouTube and TikTok, teaching financial literacy has shifted to include concepts like Bitcoin and blockchain. While … Read more

6 Reasons Your Classroom Needs Gale In Context: For Educators

| By Gale Staff | Teaching is your passion, but it’s a relentless day-in and day-out calling. To your kids, you’re a superhero—but even superheroes can use someone in their corner. Someone to help cover your bases with the latest tools and technology that meet your students’ needs while keeping pace with ever-changing standards and … Read more

How Text Sets Can Supplement and Enrich Traditional ELA Instructional Materials

| By Char Shryock | There’s a large base of reading research that supports the importance of providing students with regular opportunities to work with grade-appropriate text sets. This is different from the traditional canon-based approach that focuses on novel studies or spends large chunks of instructional time on a single story. Most anthologies are … Read more

Engage Learners with 4 Different Types of Text Sets

| By Char Shryock, Education Leadership Consultant | “The more knowledge students have about the world, the better their reading comprehension is. The better they read, the better able they are to access more complex and compelling reading material and build more knowledge to become even better readers. Reading ability and building knowledge are mutually … Read more

Encouraging Student Summer Reading

| By Elizabeth Mohn | When most students think about summer, they think about warm weather and sunshine. Teachers can help students look forward to reading over the break by developing a summer reading list and introducing books on the list to students through resources available in Gale In Context: Middle School. Summer reading programs … Read more