Offsetting the Diploma Deficit

Today, the high school dropout rate has reached epidemic levels. There are nearly 40 million Americans without a high school diploma—and those adults looking to return to high school have limited options. The startling figures below from the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2012 American Community Survey, uncover just how many adults in each state has less … Read more

Don’t Silence Michigan Librarians

EveryLibrary advocacy for public libraries

Posted on December 22, 2015

via EveryLibrary

The Michigan House and Senate pulled a fast one last week and Governor Snyder needs to do the right thing for libraries, schools, and parks by Vetoing SB 571. If SB 571 becomes law, librarians would be sent to jail for sharing factual information about elections with their communities. Library boards would be fined thousands of dollars of sending out a newsletter if it shares information about what is on your local ballot. We need honest and transparent elections.

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Libraries Forever……

By Nann T. 

Just because of the techy developments of today does not mean that libraries are to become irrelevant….look at History….Libraries have continued to exist for centuries due to their need….the need of people to research and to read, to collect and to write….their reflections of their lives, the events….The idea that libraries are to be diminished is ridiculous…like the microwave and the stove….Exist side by side, all of the collecting points that Man finds to be necessary.

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