Ford and GM to Use Tesla Superchargers

| By Chilton Staff | Recently, Ford and General Motors (GM) announced that they will begin using Tesla’s superchargers for their electric vehicles (EVs). Initially, they will use adapters to connect. Then, beginning in 2024 or 2025, Ford and GM plan to have built-in Tesla charge inlets. Several other manufacturers, such as Mercedes, Nissan, Rivian, … Read more

Why You Should Consider the Timing Belt When Buying a High-Mileage Vehicle

| By Christine Sheeky | If you have been shopping for a used car with high mileage, over 60,000 miles or so, there is a very important, often overlooked item to take into consideration. Maybe you have found a suitable car in your price range. One of the next steps to take is to research … Read more

ChiltonLibrary Translation Tool for English Language Learners

| By Chilton Staff | According to the U.S. Census Bureau, about 22 percent of households have at least one member who speaks a language other than English at home1. With the ChiltonLibrary on-page ReadSpeaker accessibility tool, users can easily translate service manual text into more than 20 languages. In addition, the text-to-speech feature reads the … Read more

C. R. Patterson & Sons, the First Black-Owned Automobile Manufacturers

| By Chilton Staff | Charles Richard (C. R.) Patterson was born in 1833 in Virginia. Accounts differ as to whether his family was enslaved or free. In 1840, he and his parents and three of his brothers escaped or traveled to Greenfield, Ohio, a stop on the Underground Railroad. According to Patterson family lore, … Read more