ChiltonLibrary Translation Tool for English Language Learners

| By Chilton Staff | According to the U.S. Census Bureau, about 22 percent of households have at least one member who speaks a language other than English at home1. With the ChiltonLibrary on-page ReadSpeaker accessibility tool, users can easily translate service manual text into more than 20 languages. In addition, the text-to-speech feature reads the … Read more

C. R. Patterson & Sons, the First Black-Owned Automobile Manufacturers

| By Chilton Staff | Charles Richard (C. R.) Patterson was born in 1833 in Virginia. Accounts differ as to whether his family was enslaved or free. In 1840, he and his parents and three of his brothers escaped or traveled to Greenfield, Ohio, a stop on the Underground Railroad. According to Patterson family lore, … Read more

ChiltonLibrary Expands Subaru Coverage to 1968–2022

| By Chilton Staff | In the northern hemisphere, the beautiful Pleiades constellation beams in the clear winter night sky. The star cluster is the inspiration for Subaru’s name and badge. Subaru is the Japanese name for the Pleiades. In Japanese, Subaru also means to govern, gather together, and unite. This winter, ChiltonLibrary has gathered together the … Read more

Holiday Travel Plans? Prevent Winter Automotive Problems.

|By Chilton Staff| Winter’s snowy, wet, and windy weather plus cold temperatures put added stress on our vehicles. How can we protect our vehicle and those riding in it? Regular maintenance is key to preventing some of the most common automotive issues. In addition, check these items before travel to help save you from a … Read more

What Is a VIN? (And Why Do I Need It?)

|By Chilton Staff| Beginning with the first automakers in the early 1900s, manufacturers sometimes scribed serial numbers or other identifiers on vehicles, engines, and transmissions. Half a century later in 1954, federal rules began requiring automakers to stamp a unique vehicle identification number, or VIN, on each car and truck, primarily as a way to … Read more