Disabilities and Literature

| By Carol Schwartz, Sr Content Developer, Gale | Beginning in 1992, the United Nations called for December 3 to be an international day of celebration for people living with disabilities. Their theme for 2020 is “Not All Disabilities Are Visible,” highlighting the diverse nature of disabling conditions, which can include mental illness, brain injuries, … Read more

Panda Power and Other China-Related Things I’d Rather Think About Right Now

| By Rebecca Parks | When my brother went to China on vacation a couple years ago, he brought me back a beautiful miniature black-lacquered paneled screen as a souvenir. He had to look long and hard for a screen that did NOT include pandas on it, knowing I would object to something so clichéd. … Read more

Gale Resources Bring the Fight for Racial Equality to Literature

| By Scot Peacock, Content Strategist, Gale | The year 2020 will not be long forgotten. It is the year of the life-changing (and life-ending) COVID-19 pandemic; of heightened controversies involving police brutality and racial prejudice; and of the most crucial presidential election in 100 years, in terms of the future of a socially divided … Read more