Now Available: Enhanced Experience of GVRL, InfoTrac, and In Context

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Today, enhancements released to GVRL and all resources within the InfoTrac and In Context families (including the PowerSearch platform) will increase accessibility for those with disabilities like low vision or blindness, improve usability for desktop and mobile researchers, and create a common user experience across some of our most popular resources.

Enhancements at a Glance 


Updated Training Videos

No action is required for customers or users, the accessing the new, enhancement experience is automatic! If you prefer a walk-though of the new experience, watch short training videos reviewing product features:

Keep informed; try it today! 

2 thoughts on “Now Available: Enhanced Experience of GVRL, InfoTrac, and In Context”

  1. How do I narrow by subdivision? I no longer see the second level indexing that makes Cengage products distinct from Google results.

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