A Look at Gale Through the College Intern’s Eyes

By Joe Jabbour

As a product summer intern on the Business & Organizations Team in Content & Development, I spent the last three months assessing Gale’s business content and resources. I’m excited to tell you all about the fun, intellectual work I accomplished at Gale.

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Tales from the “Olden Days”

By Debra Kirby

You know those stories adults like to tell kids about how much harder they had it when they were young? Like having to walk uphill for miles in the snow to school every day or having parents who made you eat every morsel of food on your plate – even liver. The message behind these stories of course, is to get listeners to appreciate how good they have it compared to life in the “olden days.” Working on  our exciting new 3D product Gale Interactive: Science recently got me thinking about how much I hated  biology labs, where I was actually expected to do such disgusting things as dissect frogs (never mind the horrid smell of formaldehyde) and how kids today can dissect a virtual frog instead if they have access to a product like Gale Interactive: Science.

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Getting to Know U: Shannon

By Robert Lisiecki

We’ve covered a variety of people in our Getting to Know U series, from a future lawyer, to a career changer, to a science professor, and more. It may seem like we’ve covered most of the bases, but we’re really just getting warmed up.

Today, we’re going to discuss a student with a unique perspective, Shannon, a concurrent student. Shannon is unlike any other student on our campus. Let’s see why.

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Getting to Know U: Tarek

By Robert Lisiecki

The librarians, students, and faculty at Gale U need solutions that produce results. It’s not simply a matter of having something for the sake of having it. No, they have real needs and need resources to fulfill these needs.

With that, it’s time for another edition of Getting to Know U. Today, Tarek, a Senior Political Science student in the Undergraduate Library, is the focus of conversation.

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