Gale Interactive: Science: “Highly Recommended”

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With Gale Interactive: Science, users can delve deep into concepts with tools to zoom, rotate and explore models. These engaging, interactive models bring science to life, allowing students to better visualize and understand concepts in biology, chemistry, and earth and space science.

Students and instructors can manipulate and explore 3D models that are paired with reference and periodical content for further understanding. When clicking through each session, relevant reference content related to the images is shown and the user also has the ability to search across content to find exactly what they are looking for.

Learn more with a review from a Library Media Specialist:

“Interactive online testing has recently increased the demand for science educators to offer more interactive and virtual science resources, and this database meets this demand and more. Featuring what is termed a 3D Viewer, students are able to see and manipulate models and interactive lessons on a variety of concepts. Students can zoom, rotate, and explore the 3D models, as well as view informational articles on the same topic. . . . Teachers can provide students a link to any activity or individual slide within each interactive lesson, easing the sharing of specific activities especially in blended or flipped classroom environments. Highly Recommended.

— Angela Wojtecki, District Library Media Specialist, Nordonia Hills City Schools

This review was originally published by School Library Connection, February 2017.

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