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By Melissa Rayner

photo 2Sloths are all the rage these days—who knew an animal could be trendy? They have over 100,000 likes on Facebook and even have their own sub-Reddit! But students shouldn’t have to rely on social media to learn about their favorite three-toed, tree-dwelling, algae-sporting buddies. Not when the most definitive guide to animals on the market is currently available for 80% off through Gale’s print sale.

Yes, the 16-volume Grzimek’s (that’s pronounced Chimix) Animal Life Encyclopedia is on sale for $577.60—down from $2,888.00—but only while supplies last.

With Grzimek’s on your classroom’s bookshelf, you can learn such fun sloth facts as…

grzimekanimallifeencybook3dSloths have extra flexible necks, which include 8 or 9 vertebrae. That’s even more than the giraffe, which only has 7!


The average three-toed sloth baby gestates for 108 days. Human babies take 280 days to gestate, which means you could get 2.6 sloth babies in the time it takes to grow a human.


People used to hunt the maned sloth for food. It is now part of a public awareness campaign to protect its endangered ecosystem.


Although they look huge in pictures, the three-toed tree sloth is roughly the size of a newborn baby—with its average weight ranging from 5.1 to 12.1 lbs and its average height from 15.8 to 30.3”


Sloths are being studied by medical researchers to help develop improved treatments for wound care. This is because sloths are able to heal quickly, avoid infection, and survive severe injuries. Still, they only tend to live 10 to 20 years.


photo 1Sloths only go to the bathroom—which for them is the jungle floor—once or twice a week. Can you imagine holding it THAT long?


And this only touches the surface of what you can learn about sloths and so many other amazing species in this heavily discounted encyclopedia series.  Hurry! Go check out the Gale 2014 Spring Cleaning Print Sale now, and make sure to place Grzimek’s Animal Life Encyclopedia on your library’s to-purchase list.



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