A Big Thumbs Up for Biology, 2nd Edition

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Biology, 2nd Edition includes 439 A-Z entries covering biological concepts, the history of science, and critical issues such as embryogenesis and the commercial applications of research, ethical issues, and careers in biology. More than 60 entries are brand new and almost three times as many entries are substantially revised and updated; all entries have been reviewed for currency.

The writing level makes accurate information accessible to a high school audience. Full-color photographs, diagrams, and sidebars add visual interest. More than 600 terms are defined in the margins of the pages where they appear and compiled into a convenient glossary at the back of each volume. Each entry contains a bibliography/suggestions for further reading. A thematic outline provides a guide to entries by subject. Handy references in the front matter include a geologic time scale and metric conversion table.

See what an Associate Dean of Libraries at Prevo Science Library thinks about the newest edition:

Biology, Second Edition is a useful reference source for introductory research on selected biological topics. Emphasis on molecular and cellular biology is noted. Most appropriate for high school and undergraduate library collections that support human biology or premed courses.

—Caroline L. Gilson, Associate Dean of Libraries and Coordinator, Prevo Science Library

     Originally posted on American Reference Books Annual, Spring, 2017

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