A Must-Attend: The Library Advocacy and Funding Conference

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The library industry is under threat from a number of major crises simultaneously during these uncertain times, particularly the loss of financial and voter support. The COVID-19 crisis has decimated the fundamental municipal tax base that funds school and public libraries. Even libraries that were doing well before the crisis may be facing new challenges. Without community support, libraries will continue to drastically lose funding in the coming years.

The Library Advocacy and Funding Conference is the world’s largest virtual conference dedicated to library advocacy and funding!

Learn New Strategies and Tactics

Join EveryLibrary online from September 14-16, 2020 to meet some of the most advanced political strategists and tacticians from within the library industry and beyond. Explore three days worth of content on how to navigate the world of politics and build voter support for library funding. 

The unique virtual structure of the conference will allow participants to attend all sessions, dig deep into a particular track, or mix-and-match a program that meets their needs. Session speakers will be available live throughout the conference via Slack for conversations and interactivity with attendees. 

Examples of the 40+ on-demand virtual sessions:
  • The Mood of the Nation in the times of COVID-19 and Black Lives Matter and the Role of Libraries
  • The Power of Resource Building: Institutional Support & Fundraising Component
  • Leading with Your Mission: From Good Messaging to Great Rhetoric
  • The Best Publicity Practices To Promote Your Library
  • Brand Strategy Made Easy: Start Marketing Your Library Today
  • What is Voter & Enhanced Political Data and How is it Used?
  • 8 Principles for Running A Modern, Digital Library Campaign
  • Defining Your Audience: Identifying and Targeting the Individuals You Want to Reach
  • Nonpartisan Voter Engagement and Ballot Measure Advocacy
  • Using Facebook to Build Community with ActionSprout (which is free for libraries)
  • Plan Ahead for Your Library’s Financial Future
  • What Impact Will the Coronavirus Have on School Spending?

Immediate Support for the Library Industry

In order to build a strong advocacy network, Everylibrary believes that we need healthy library associations and support organizations. The advocacy strategies learned at this conference will provide tools to support the long-term health of libraries and associations, but short-term financial help is needed too. We will donate 25% of every registration to state library associations (or a national library association if outside the United States) in order to help these associations weather difficult financial times.

Converse, Share, and Prepare for the Future

Conversations and idea exchanges are one of the most vital parts of any conference, and that should not change even in a virtual setting. We will be using dedicated Slack channels to allow our attendees and speakers to talk and share throughout the conference. Those channels will remain active after the conference to allow everyone to keep in touch. We want this conference to provide a dedicated community of colleagues and advocates with the tools to take action and make sure that all libraries come out of the current crisis stronger and more prepared for the future. 

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