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In today’s college environment, educational technology and other digital assets are vital to academic success. To succeed in our technology-dependent world, students must develop the skills to navigate information and collaborate with peers. Gale’s industry-leading digital learning platforms can stimulate classroom engagement, open doors to rare research materials, and remove accessibility barriers.

To maximize your institution’s investment in these learning resources, faculty, staff, and students should feel confident and empowered to make full use of them. That’s why Gale provides our library partners with customized support and training.

Our Academic Outreach & Engagement team guides users through Gale’s built-in tools and rich, rare, and authoritative content to enhance research, create impactful teaching, and inspire curiosity on campus. They will show you how to integrate newly purchased archives with your long-standing Gale collections and promote your content to your broader community.

As a Gale user, you’re part of the Gale network. Our Academic Outreach & Engagement team is available and prepared to help you unlock the full potential of our products and reach new users across campus.

Gale has hundreds of databases spanning multiple disciplines and containing dozens of resource types, including primary source materials, peer-reviewed journal articles, videos, and popular news podcasts. This is a huge wealth of information. To help your faculty and students maximize their benefits, Gale’s Academic Outreach & Engagement team is ready to help.

From high-level PDF docs for each database to subject-specific LibGuides, our downloadable resources help familiarize you with the scope of your collections. You and your staff will be better equipped to consult library users on specific topics of interest, whether they’re studying controversial cults, the evolution of 21st-century pop culture, early modern medicine, or the history of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict.

You’ve taken an important step by purchasing access to Gale resources. Now, it’s time to spread the word to your campus community and maximize your investment. Today’s tech-savvy generation is primed and eager for readily available digital content. Not only will these resources improve user engagement, but more students using library resources will generate increased support for your budgetary requests and resource expansions.

So, how can you get the word out and develop further interest in your digital archives to attract new users to the library?

As part of Gale’s network, we offer you digital toolkits to promote your library’s resources across campus. Your product-specific marketing toolkit includes banners, email templates, downloadable posters, and printable hand-outs—including bookmarks. We even provide ready-made social media posts to promote specific databases.

Contact the Academic Outreach & Engagement team via email to set up a conversation about your specific campus needs. Gale experts will help you identify strategies for expanding your library audience. We can customize your Gale resources to maximize their place in your discovery service and teach you how to set them up within your campus learning management system (LMS). The team can even audit your current databases to assess any potential access barriers; then, they’ll make suggestions on how your library can connect your valuable resources to new campus audiences.

At Gale, we’re always on the lookout for ways our products can save time and improve overall efficiencies. To help faculty and staff take advantage of Gale products, the Academic Outreach & Engagement team has created Instructional Tools to help integrate them into their courses.

To help onboard new users, you can find a wealth of downloadable training materials to get the most out of your digital assets. Available through our public-facing support tools, you can find asynchronous tutorials, webinars, case studies, and PDF tip sheets.

For more in-depth support, email the Academic Outreach & Engagement team to schedule virtual or on-site workshops, train the trainer events, and front-of-class lessons. We can develop custom sessions based on academic disciplines and research interests supporting students, faculty, and library programming.

On top of that, we can also help staff design coursework that implements Gale products and helps students achieve their learning goals. We recognize that collaboration is critical, so we also offer our users access to institutional case studies and best practices from other instructors.

Our Academic Outreach & Engagement team helps you effectively implement and optimize your Gale resources. Access training tutorials for you and your staff, watch pre-recorded webinars, and rely on step-by-step tip sheets. For even further customized support, you can schedule virtual or on-campus workshops for your team, or tailored presentations to faculty and students (this can be especially effective for the first-year experience).

We also offer ongoing professional development events to help you master the latest trends in university digital research. Our diverse range of topics include using LibGuides to organize and promote your university’s resources, engaging in black history research, and methods to foster communication between faculty and library staff.

When using new software, it can be frustrating to encounter login trouble or barriers to successful integration. Gale provides a team of IT professionals to help with your product implementation. This way, you won’t have to stress about any hiccups installing new technology or software updates.

If technical difficulties or questions arise, Gale subscribers receive comprehensive support. We empower subscribers and provide user-friendly technical documents for more common concerns. Can’t figure it out, or don’t have the time to troubleshoot on your own? Our experts are ready to solve the problem 24/7 through phone and email support.

Discover the full value of your Gale resources and connect with our Academic Outreach & Engagement team. Or, if your institution isn’t a current Gale subscriber, speak with your local representative today.

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