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| By Traci Cothran |

We know there are many different ways students learn, and visual learners often respond to a video format. Our Gale products offer a wide selection of videos—including those from NASA, The New York Times, and Frontline (to name just a few) and covering speeches, fashion, interviews, and even recipes!  We’ve also created videos of our own to explore specific topics.

Let’s look at three of these Gale videos, and start with a really tough one! The Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which is a complex disagreement that dates back a millennium. World leaders have spent decades trying to broker peace between the parties, without success. What is the history and what are the issues?

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Traci J. Cothran

Meet the Author

Traci Cothran is a manager in Gale’s Database Program and a history buff, so she can often be found watching videos from the early 1900s in Gale’s World History In Context.  

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