American Civil Liberties Union Papers, Part II: Southern Regional Office Available Now

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The second installment of the American Civil Liberties Union Papers archive is officially released. This resource expands the 20th century legal coverage of Part I with newly digitized materials from the Seely G. Mudd Manuscript Library at Princeton University.  The archive documents the ACLU’s effort to enforce the legal provisions of federal civil rights legislation passed during the 1950s and ’60s.

With the archive, legal scholars can deepen their understanding of the legal mire the ACLU waded through to bring greater justice to the Southern United States. The collection is additionally invaluable for teaching students less versed in legalese about the history of the civil rights movements and its cultural and institutional impacts in the South and beyond.

This collection is included on the Gale Primary Sources platform enabling users to look for deeper connections with text analysis tools like Term Clustering, which visualizes documents that contain similar terms to help researchers surface relevant results beyond traditional search and retrieve. Users can also cross search American Civil Liberties Union Papers, Part II: Southern Regional Office with similarly topically focused collections to reveal a network of narratives that trace the path of social history in the 20th century.

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