American Eras: “A Valued Resource for the Classroom and Library Alike”

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Searching for “a valued resource” to provide users with topics in early American History? Look no further, Gale’s American Eras: Primary Sources feature a fascinating, student-friendly reference to provide a unique understanding of songs, speeches, advertisements, letters, laws, legal decisions, newspaper articles, cartoons, and much more! With over 900 primary-source documents that provide vivid first-hand account of key events, trends, and people, Gale’s American Eras will be your go-to source.

Read three reviews on this title:

American Eras: The Colonial Era (1600-1754)
“Regardless of whether the researcher is a novice or a seasoned veteran, this source will prove to be highly valuable to all who open its cover and begin the research process. This resource pulls from select primary sources encompassing a wide range of documents and images, from recipes and diary entries to cartoons and photos, to government legislation and court rulings. This varied mixture creates a diversity of perspectives that will provide the reader with a fresh insight into key events and figures of the colonial era. This volume, as well as the rest of the series, is designed to make the content as accessible as possible to the reader. Each entry is organized by standardized rubrics that allow the user to find information quickly within an entry and facilitate comparisons across entries. . . . This wealth of background information not only aids the reader in learning about a particular “Primary Source Entry,” but it just may become the spark that will light the fire to go beyond that particular entry and even this particular book in their quest to learn about the “Colonial Era.”  American Eras: Primary Sources: The Colonial Era (1600-1754), like the rest of the series, is a valued resource for the classroom and library alike.”

— American Reference Books Annual, January 2016


American Eras: Early American Civilization, Exploration to 1600
“The American Eras Primary Sources series packs a generous amount of information into a compact, well-organized volume. This particular volume shares a plethora of primary sources representing the era of early American civilizations and explorations to 1600. Introductory information includes a thorough essay breaking down the presentation of the primary sources and another essay discussing both benefits of and potential limitations to using primary sources within one’s research. This section also provides a helpful general chronology of major world events within the era covered in this volume. Over 75 primary sources cover a wide selection of artifacts, memoirs, charters, artwork, maps, letters, and more.”

—American Reference Books Annual, June 2016


American Eras: Revolutionary Era (1754-1783)
“Primary documents are a unique way to study history, be they letters, newspapers, government documents, pictures, or books—all provide contemporary accounts that enrich one-of-a-kind insights into the people, places, and events of the period. The Gale American Era Primary Sources series targets primary sources with a sweeping array of materials revealing more details about period history.”

—American Reference Books Annual, June 2016


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