An Everlasting Bond, No Matter How Old He Gets

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By Megan C. 

My soon to be 13 year-old son and I LOVE going to the library and have since he was old enough to read. As he begins to venture into his teenage years, parents are not as cool as his friends, the football team, or the hip clothes that he wears. However, I am still able to bring him back to reality every time we step foot into our local library. We both shoot for our favorite sections as soon as we walk into the doors – mine, non-fiction, his, young adult literature. We both find a resource that catches our attention and then head for the comfy chairs. We are now glued to those seats, and our books, and share what we read with one another. This is a moment in time that will never be forgotten and helps bring my son and I together. If libraries don’t exist, I have no clue where my son and I will share these special memories together.Kopačky na fotbal

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