And the Charleston Conference Scholarship Winner is…

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Gale is pleased to announce the recipient of the 2016 Charleston Conference $1,000 Travel Scholarship is….. Karna, a Faculty Engagement Librarian at the University of Kansas.

Keeping with Gale’s mission to connect learners to libraries and libraries to learners we asked applicants to submit an essay addressing the following topic, “How can librarians make the most out of their investment in library resources, increase collaboration with faculty and improve student outcomes?”

In her essay Karna describes her goal of engaging students in more diverse primary and secondary source material in an effort to combat implicit bias in historical research. She goes on to describe in detail how she accomplished this goal by actively collaborating with faculty to employ underutilized resources in their lessons. In the following excerpt from her essay, Karna describes how her efforts aided in student success:

The learning module also coached students through distinguishing between primary and secondary sources and critically developing keywords to cultivate their topic and search. We used both to supplement or flip library instruction sessions, and designed in-class activities to allow students the opportunity to actively learn and research. This created an environment where librarians and faculty supported students in accessing, using, and understanding electronic primary resources that challenged the grand narrative and met course requirements.

Through collaboration with faculty Karna is helping to connect students to resources that they may have never utilized without her direction and at the same time improving their learning outcomes. She is exemplary of Gale’s mission of connecting the library to learners and we are elated to be sponsoring her trip to the 2016 Charleston Conference.

Congratulations from all of us at Gale!

For more information on The Charleston Conference visit: www.CharlestonLibraryConference.comNike

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