Appreciate the Many Ways Teachers Positively Impact Students

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| By Gale Staff |

May 8 begins Teacher Appreciation Week, and we at Gale want all educators to know how much we value them. We recognize how hard teachers work and the dedication they have to our students. This May, we are highlighting some of the many ways that teachers support America’s kids and how we can appreciate their efforts!

The past few years have not been easy, yet our teachers have been there through the good and the bad. These classroom heroes continue to show up early, get their classrooms prepped, and inspire our kids.

This spring, celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week is more important than ever. We want our nation’s teachers to feel supported—these extraordinary educators are essential to the long-term success of our communities.

Teachers Support Student Learning

The pandemic school years exacerbated barriers to learning. Post-pandemic assessments showed alarming trends and scores in math and reading tumbled. Through it all, teachers were there to help students get back on track academically. Experts agree that a qualified teacher is the most important factor in improving student learning. Regardless of the challenges they may face, teachers consistently strive to lead students to success. Their unwavering support is something to be commended.

Teachers Positively Impact Students

Teachers help students develop and grow into well-rounded young adults. They help children learn how to socialize appropriately and demonstrate respect. The social and emotional learning that takes place in the classroom is critical for an individual’s future. In fact, one study suggests that mastering noncognitive skills, such as adaptability, self-regulation, and integrity, has a larger impact than academic prowess has on a student’s long-term success.

Teachers Change Lives

Teachers help motivate students to discover their passions and career interests. They also encourage creativity and guide students through challenging, thought-provoking ideas. Famously, Bill Gates, George Lucas, and even Bill Nye the Science Guy have spoken about how specific teachers inspired them to become the successful people they are today. Teachers work hard behind the scenes to recognize potential and motivate their students, decorating their classrooms with positive affirmations and bringing excitement into learning. Sometimes, all it takes is one special teacher to change a child’s life forever.

Teachers Deserve the Best

It’s easy to understand why we need to celebrate our teachers, and Teacher Appreciation Week is an opportunity to thank them for all their hard work. While handwritten thank-you notes or small gifts are certainly thoughtful, here are a few more ideas to consider:

  • Encourage self-care: Teacher burnout is a real problem. For Teacher Appreciation Week, teachers should carve out time for themselves. Students and their parents can put together small care packages with items like face masks, teabags, or chocolates.
  • Sign the pledge: The National Education Association conducts several activities during Teacher Appreciation Week. One of these initiatives is a pledge to support teachers. The pledge outlines demand for higher pay, mental healthcare, and respect for all teachers.
  • Follow us on Instagram: We are having a contest throughout Teacher Appreciation Week. Follow our Instagram to join the fun! Find us by searching @gale.resources for a chance to win one of four $100 Visa gift cards.
  • Share stories: Take a moment to share stories about a truly amazing teacher. Whether you share through your social media platforms, with a colleague, or directly to your school board, great teachers deserve recognition.
  • Treat a teacher: Parents can organize a coffee and bagel spread for teachers. Little treats like this are a simple yet meaningful way to say thank you. Kids can even get involved in making some baked goods to bring to class for their favorite teachers.

Ready to show your support for the teachers in your life? For more information and ideas, check out the National Education Association’s website.

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