ARBA Praises Four Gale Resources

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Launched in response to popular demand from library professionals, American Reference Books Annual (ARBA) has been a comprehensive, authoritative database providing quality reviews of print and electronic reference works for over 30 years.

Recently, ARBA published glowing reviews of four Gale resources:

Public Health Archives: Public Health in Modern America, 1890‒1970

Unlike other sources comprising clinical research reports and technical studies, Public Health in Modern America, 18901970 tells a compelling story through rare content, including unpublished reports, correspondence, ephemera, pamphlets, and more. These materials ensure the collection’s value to scholars and students in the fields of American history, American studies, history of science and medicine, public health studies, sociology, political science, psychology, and economics.

“Public Health Archives will appeal to undergraduates and researchers in American history, public health studies, political science, economics, and other fields. The documents and search functionality allow researchers to investigate numerous areas of inquiry ranging from the more specific like polio in New York City to the general like women, children, and public health. Highly recommended for academic libraries.”
—ARBA Staff Reviewer

Disability Experiences: Memoirs, Autobiographies, and Other Personal Narratives

The works selected bear most directly on disability studies proper but also provide rich topics of study for sociology and anthropology courses, minority and gender studies, and English literature studies. Additionally, this publication offers physicians, nurses, and teachers a unique tool in their professional developments to gain insights into the lives of those whom they serve.

“This unique collection of essays by leading international experts is highly recommended for academic libraries.”
—ARBA Staff Reviewer

The Business and Culture of Sports: Society, Politics, Economy, Environment

The Business and Culture of Sports provides cross-disciplinary insights for students and researchers investigating the cultural and economic impact of sports in the 21st century. This publication is unique in providing in-depth analysis of both U.S.-based and international perspectives. Special emphasis is given to themes with entwined economic, political, and cultural reverberations, such as sports and inequality, gender, diplomacy, social mobility, race relations, and environmental sustainability.

“This well-written, curated, provocative, and reliable resource is recommended for academic libraries.”
—ARBA Staff Reviewer

Encyclopedia of Management, 8th Edition

Written by academic experts and business professionals, this comprehensive resource explores hundreds of topics in management theory and application. It consists of two volumes featuring more than 300 detailed essays covering concepts, issues, and terms dealing with the evolving field of management.

“The 8th edition of this popular and important 2-volume reference work is a must-have for any high school or higher education library. . . . Quite an impressive and well-established reference resource for any institution, program, or library which offers classes or degrees in management.”
—Bradford Lee Eden, Former Dean of Library Services, Valparaiso University (IN)

A huge congrats to the Gale employees who make these resources invaluable!

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