ARBA Recommends The Gale Encyclopedia of Diets

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The Gale Encyclopedia of Diets presents detailed, yet easy-to-read information on 318 topics covering diet and nutrition. Entries include special and popular diets, dietary treatments, nutrition basics, and health-related concerns. Diet entries focus on the development and history of a diet; its basic principles; key figures that influenced its practice; any established benefits, risks, and precautions; and relevant research. Information is provided across all age groups—from infants to the elderly.

Recently, American Reference Books Annual (ARBA) published a review on The Gale Encyclopedia of Diets:

“This award-winning reference continues to provide ‘authoritative and balanced information’ (xiii) on a wide array of diets, basic nutrition, diseases associated with nutrition, and vitamins and supplements. . . . The text is uniformly well written and enhanced with color photos, tables, charts and diagrams, making this the go-to resource for comparative information on diets and nutrition. Libraries that do not own the second edition should acquire this easy-to-use, attractive resource, suitable for both ready reference and the general public. Highly recommended.”
— Cynthia Knight, Retired Reference Librarian

The Gale Encyclopedia of Diets is available in print and eBook format on Gale eBooks.

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