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Posted on June 21, 2016

According to Scientific American, three of the top five Google “What is…?” searches in 2014 were health-related searches – continuing a longstanding trend of medical issues topping Internet inquiries. People want health information. And they want it immediately, from home, on the go, in the office, or wherever they are.

The Internet is a tempting and quick source of information – and also a rich source of misinformation. Without authoritative information, people in your community are susceptible to falling prey to bad medical practices. Or overwhelmed by inaccessible terms that confuse more than enlighten.

Now you can provide them with authoritative information about health concerns and treatments that people face at each stage of life. Gale Encyclopedia of Medicine, 5th Edition, is an easy-to-read, jargon-free, well organized, and illustrated resource that makes important medical information understandable. It’s a one-stop resource on all aspects of health issues, prevention, diagnosis, and care.

With nearly 2,000 entries written by medical writers and healthcare professionals, the Gale Encyclopedia of Medicine offers enlightening sidebars that define terms, as well as a comprehensive glossary and subject index.

House calls on top topics – any time, anywhere
Offered online as an eBook, Gale Encyclopedia of Medicine covers three main entry types:  1) diseases and conditions; 2) tests, treatments, therapies, and other procedures; and 3) drugs, herbs, and supplements. Newer entries ensure that patrons are connected with hot health topics, such as Ebola, telehealth, tomosythesis, face transplants, and much more.

Gale Encyclopedia of Medicine can be accessed any time of day from anywhere with Internet access and on nearly any device.  And, with persistent URLs, you can embed links in your health website resources, and patrons can save links to visit later.  A high-contrast color palette and popular web navigation iconography make this health content highly accessible to your community – including people with disabilities.

We invite you to invest in your community’s health and bring this content to patrons today. Ask us for more information or request a free trial today.Nike KD 11

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