Be the Place Where Teens Independently Explore Interests and Concerns

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Alexis has a lot of questions about things like peer pressure, alcohol, and relationships, but she’s too embarrassed to ask her parents, friends, or teachers. Be the safe place Alexis can go to get good information without having to ask.

Alexis is just one of the teens in your community who are looking for information about their interests and concerns. Adolescents often want to explore topics independently – not ready or too shy to have a conversation with those that can guide them to resources.

Whether their interests are as light as pop music or as weighty as drugs or sexuality, you can provide them with easy-to-use, accessible electronic resources that are more reliable and expert than what they may find on a random blog or sponsored website. Support the teens in your community with online learning programs, eBooks, and other resources that are available 24/7 to help them find answers.

Save up to 40% off this collection of recently published eBooks on popular culture and social issues like:

  • Alcohol and drugsTeen independant research
  • Bullying and peer pressure
  • Cancer, STDs, and other medical topics
  • Dating and sexuality
  • Dieting, skin care, and exercise
  • Entertainment and sports
  • Video games, graphic novels, movies, music, and more!

Available from leading publishers like ABC-CLIO, Facts on File, Greenhaven, Lucent, and Omnigraphics, and delivered through Gale’s award-winning GVRL platform, this YA collection gives you the content you need to support your teens’ non-academic pursuits, along with the anytime, anywhere access and tools these tech-savvy users demand.

Online courses help teens explore hobbies and careers

Whether they’re learning to play guitar, developing code for a video game, or exploring a future career interest, keep your teens checked in over the summer with more than 300 instructor-led Gale Courses, delivered online.

Teens may also appreciate having access to electronic database resources, such as:

  • InfoTrac Student Edition – Periodicals covering everything from sports to environmental studies.
  • Rosen Teen Health & Wellness – Help teens find comfort and knowledge regarding their unique personal concerns with comprehensive curricular support and self-help tools on topics including diseases, drugs, alcohol, nutrition, mental health and much more.

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