Belleville Public Library Provides New Writing Group Free Access to Gale Courses

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| By Sydney Fairman |

Starting Tuesday, Sept. 25, the Belleville Public Library will be unveiling a new writers’ group called the ‘Belleville Public Library Writer’s Collective.’ Meeting every fourth Tuesday of the month, the group will discuss works in progress, gather ideas and gain insight on how to improve their writing.

To prepare, BPL recommends using Gale Courses to boost writing skills. Available on the library’s home page, all that’s needed is internet access and a valid BPL Library Card to access the free online courses from anytime and anywhere.

More specifically, BPL recommends the Writing Essentials Course for beginning or rusty writers. This course provides good building blocks to improve basic writing skills with exercises in free writing and writing drafts. These exercises help with choosing strong and persuasive words for clear and successful expression.

BPL also suggests utilizing Writeriffic: Creativity Training for Writers. This course consists of writing career tips and tricks, problems you may encounter with introductions, naming characters, the fear of sharing work, and more. According to BPL, it’s great for the “new and aspiring authors.”

“All of these courses will help you to brush up on your fiction-writing skills. They’ll teach you how to weave spellbinding plots, fascinating characters, and how to raise the stakes. You’ll learn how to bring it all together in an exciting climax, and how to write a denouement that will leave readers wanting more. For the fiction writer, Gale Courses has it all.”

– Belleville Public Library

Gale Courses also has a plethora of courses surrounding fiction-writing including Write Fiction like a Pro, Advanced Fiction Writing, and Writing Young Adult Fiction. There are also course options for genre fiction, including Romance Writing, Fantasy Writing, and Mystery Writing. Gale Courses provides more than 365, six-week long online programs taught by college instructors who are experts in their field.

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