Beware of possible scam activity targeting libraries

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We have recently become aware of two incidents where Gale’s name was associated with suspicious activity targeting people within the library community.

Our logo was included on a scam email targeting attendees of the California School Library Association (CSLA). In that case, the CSLA sent a message to its members alerting them to disregard the activity.

Today, a public library in North Carolina was targeted with a possible phone phishing attempt where the caller, named Louisa Berlin, claimed to be a representative of Gale and offered the library $200 in exchange for participation in a survey.

While our sales, product and marketing organizations do occasionally reach out to customers for survey feedback, these activities were not initiated by Gale.

In the event you receive a suspicious email or phone call, please take the following steps to verify if the activity is from Gale or not:

  1. All email communications from any Gale representatives come from an email address.
  2. Our Find a Rep tool can help you locate your Gale representative who should be able to quickly confirm legitimate requests.

You can also send Gale an email to notify us of any additional scam activities to impersonate Gale.

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