Biography and Genealogy Master Index Gets a Facelift

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In addition to a more modern look and feel for the interface, the Biography and Genealogy Master Index will include the following enhancements as of July 2:

  • Expert, or Advanced CCS searching, as part of the advanced search screen, providing assistance with constructing personalized query language
  • Ability to re-run and revise any previous search made during a session
  • Well-organized entries in search results, i.e., alphabetically by last name and then by birth/death years
  • Marked items automatically added to your marked items folder rather than using the previous “update marked list” button
  • Dictionary function within the interface
  • Infomark tool allows users to return to a set of search results or document within the product
  • Links can be emailed or copied
  • Accessibly for users that utilize a screen readers such as JAWS or NVDA
New Biography Genealogy Master Index Interface
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More than 15 million citations are included in the Biography and Genealogy Master Index to help students easily determine which publication to consult for biographical information.

  • Contains names, birth/ death years, bibliographic references to books containing material on that person, and an indication of which books or articles include a portrait.
  • Indexed sources include biographical dictionaries and who’s whos, subject encyclopedias, volumes of literary criticism, and indexes.
  • Also includes sources that restrict coverage to specialized areas, such as education/science, history, literature, religion, politics, performing arts, visual arts, and more.
  • Cross-references appearing in indexed publications have been retained to further aid research.

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