Book vs. Movie: Which Will Win?

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By Bethany Dotson

A lot of this summer’s expected blockbusters are also available in large print from Thorndike Press, including the one that’s predicted to be The. Next. Big. Thing. If you haven’t seen the new The Fault in Our Stars trailer, you have been missing out (and probably haven’t checked Facebook or Twitter in a few days). And if you don’t tear up even just a little bit at the trailer, you might not be human. Watch out for that.

Which brings me to the point of my post—not being human, of course, but all of the amazing (and potentially not so amazing) movies that are coming to theaters this year featuring the best of books from nonfiction (The Monuments Men) to the newest crazes in dystopian fantasy (Dark Places, Gone Girl) to two—count ‘em, two—Gillian Flynn classics.

We can deliver you additional bestsellers and blockbusters throughout the year and will focus this particular post what’s hot right now.

February saw the release of what may be considered a complete flop of a movie, The Monuments Men (screenplay written and directed by George Clooney). I actually read this book recently in preparation for my trip to Germany, and the book was fascinating—the unsung story of the unlikely team of heroes that was charged with the preservation of European art and culture during World War II.  The movie, despite a star-studded cast including Matt Damon and Bill Murray, just couldn’t quite seem to get it off the ground—but this is one book you’ll want to have in multiple copies in your library, as the big budgets had this movie advertised everywhere. Plus the book (as is so often true) is so much better than the movie, and worth a read.

Divergent rocketed into theaters on March 21, and quite a few teenage girls of my acquaintance have already seen this hit several times. I can’t speak to the movie, since I haven’t seen it—although the reviews look largely positive—but in terms of reluctant readers, this is a fantastic opportunity to get out the large print, which has been shown in studies to specifically appeal to students that might otherwise be intimidated by a title of this length. Divergent is the first in the trilogy by Veronica Roth, and this is sure to be a hit for years to come—it’s the new Hunger Games. In my opinion, it’s an even better trilogy.

The last bookish release up until today is Heaven is For Real, which appeared in theatres April 16. Starring Greg Kinnear and Kelly Reilly, this movie is based on the book of the same name, which follows a a little boy with an extraordinary story to tell about a heavenly experience. This 2010 New York Times best-selling Christian book title is popular with readers of all ages, and it will be sure to experience a huge resurgence in popularity with this movie release.

Look for the next episode of this blog series coming soon, featuring reviews of The Fault in Our Stars, releasing today, June 6, and The Giver, releasing August 15! Once you’ve watched the big screen translations, be sure to come back and share your thoughts. Which was better: the book or the movie?


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