Booklist Deems The Gale Encyclopedia of Diets Suitable for Many Institutions

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| By Gale Staff |

The Gale Encyclopedia of Diets, 3rd Edition presents detailed, yet easy-to-read information on 300+ topics covering diet and nutrition. Entries include special and popular diets, dietary treatments, nutrition basics, and health-related concerns. Diet entries focus on the development and history of a diet; its basic principles; key figures that influenced its practice; any established benefits, risks, and precautions; and relevant research. Information is provided across all age groups—from infants to the elderly.

Recently, Booklist published a review calling The Gale Encyclopedia of Diets, 3rd Edition helpful and suitable for many institutions:

Each entry covers description, function, benefits, precautions, risks, research, and general acceptance (i.e., Has the science been proved or debunked or not studied at all?) and, for the entries describing specific diets, the origin of the diet. Entries also include text boxes that describe key terms used and “Questions to Ask Your Doctor,” helpful for anyone embarking on a nutritionally transformative journey. . . . Suitable for high-school, college, and public libraries, especially those with a focus on consumer health information.
— Susan Maguire

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