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Posted on March 14, 2016

By Tina Creguer

Jay, a brash, young entrepreneur in the competitive field of mobile gaming app development, is putting the finishing touches on his business plan.  He already has appointments with potential investors, and he’s scurrying to pull together all the information they’ll grill him on.  Foremost on their minds will be viability of this new business and understanding the competitive landscape. He knows who his major competitors are, but needs help finding consistent data that will help him compare market share and descriptions.

There’s good news for Jay, and for anyone searching for comparative business stats.

Market Share Reporter from Gale compiles market share reports from periodical literature and is a unique resource for competitive analysis, diversification planning, marketing research, and other forms of economic and policy analysis. It covers both the private and public sectors throughout the world and provides a comprehensive and accurate overview of current market activity.

Coverage is particularly extensive for areas/markets that are newsworthy, on the leading edge of technology, highly competitive, related to popular issues, or have excellent coverage in their respective trade press.

Available in print or online via Gale Directory Library, this resource includes more than 3,600 new entries, arranged by both SIC and NAICS codes, corporate, brand, product, service, and commodity market shares, coverage of private and public sector activities, and comprehensive indexes, including products, companies, brands, places, sources, NAICS, ISIC, Harmonized and SIC codes.

The online version is available to your patrons 24/7 through your library’s website and allows users to generate lists, analyze trends, and search across other Gale online directories to compare and compile needed information.

If you don’t have Market Share Reporter in your library, try testing it out. Starting today!  Request a free trial here.  



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Tina has been a library fan-girl since childhood, when she visited weekly with her family.  She can be found many mornings standing outside her hometown library at opening time, waiting to nab a study room.


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