Caroline County Public Schools Learns the Power of Professional Development eBooks

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As a very small district in rural Maryland, Caroline County Public Schools requires administrators to wear many hats while overseeing a tight budget. After hearing an assistant superintendent from another district extolling the benefits of Gale eBooks on GVRL, Director of Curriculum and Instruction Susan McCandless knew her district had to get on board.

“I remember looking at my colleague and thinking, ‘imagine how much we could save as a district?’.” With a tight budget, McCandless needed to maximize every dollar, “and typically for professional development that’s one of the areas that it’s really easy
to say, ‘we just don’t have money for it.’”

Recently, the district cleared their shelves of print titles—which cost up to $600 a title, with every educator requiring their own copy—and added professional development eBooks. The district only needed to purchase a single copy of each title, saving the district money, and educators have 24/7 access to its content.

Download their success story to learn more about Caroline County Public Schools’ successes with Gale eBooks on GVRL and more—including over a 600% increase in retrievals.air jordan 11 galaxy ebay CU3012-164 – Buy Best Price Adidas&Nike Sport Sneakers

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