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| By Kristine Krapp |

Did you forget about it this year? We don’t blame you. As the COVID-19 global pandemic has taken over our news channels, social outlets, and late-night worries, sometimes it’s hard to think beyond getting through each day. I don’t know about you, but I haven’t organized my closets or taught myself a new language!

However, there is a good reason to celebrate Earth Day this year, albeit virtually. The rapid spread of the novel coronavirus has shown us how dependent we are on each other as citizens of the world. Our actions affect those in our neighborhoods, our countries, and ultimately, people around the world. And the Earth needs everyone to work together to protect its treasures. This planet is, after all, where we make our home.

April 22, 2020, is the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. Although in-person events have been cancelled, virtual events are planned.

Check out Gale In Context: Environmental Studies to get started on your Earth Day activities. We’ve updated our topic page for Earth Day with an overview and new web links to get you started.

Even when you’re stuck in the house, you can take the Earth Day Challenge, among our new links from the Earth Day website.

Click through to find plant-based recipes to try at home or five ways to compost during the coronavirus pandemic. Next, explore your community. Find your own state’s topic page in Gale In Context: Environmental Studies. We’ve got a new map for each American state and Canadian province, showing geographic features like rivers, lakes, and elevation, as well as major cities. Access our comprehensive reference content, along with the latest news and podcasts, on those topic pages. If you feel inspired to action, look to our new topic page on climate activism.

See What’s New and Upcoming

Support Earth Day explorations with new content we’ve created and added, including the new maps for American states and Canadian provinces mentioned above, new images, and new topic pages on issues such as Climate Activism, Consumerism, and Air Pollution Control. More new essays, images, and topic pages will roll into Gale In Context: Environmental Studies over the next several weeks!

When we all do our part on Earth Day, we can help protect the planet for future generations.

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