Charlie Bucket and Me

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By Debbie P. 

I loved “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.” I read it over and over as a child, Checking it out from the public library, and when I was finished, I would check it out from my school library/bookmobile. Every Friday we would go to town, and while my mother was grocery shopping, I was allowed to go to the 5 & 10 cent store and the library with my 25 cent allowance. I bought a chocolate bar, and then would load up on books at the library, one always being the above book. I would read it while nibbling away at my candy, imagining finding the golden ticket, too, filled with wonder and untold riches. Books were not something we bought in my house, but something we could borrow, and when I was finally allowed to read adult books after I had read every single children’s/YA book in the library it was like I had won a special award. From fantasies of chocolate rivers to exploring career options, libraries have been an integral part of my blazer high sale cheap shoes amazon

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