ChiltonLibrary Expands Subaru Coverage to 1968–2022

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In the northern hemisphere, the beautiful Pleiades constellation beams in the clear winter night sky. The star cluster is the inspiration for Subaru’s name and badge. Subaru is the Japanese name for the Pleiades. In Japanese, Subaru also means to govern, gather together, and unite.

The Subaru badge. Photo by Jakob Rosen.

This winter, ChiltonLibrary has gathered together the year, make and model data for more than 80 Subaru vehicles.

  • Ascent, model years 2019–2022
  • BRZ, model years 2013–2022
  • Crosstrek, model years 2016–2022
  • Forester, model years 2012–2022
  • Impreza, model years 2012–2022
  • Legacy, model years 2012–2022
  • Outback, model years 2012–2022
  • Tribeca, model years 2012–2014
  • WRX 2012, 2017, 2022 (model years sold in the United States[)
  • WRX STI 2013–2021 (model years sold in the United States)
  • XV Crosstrek 2013–2015 (model years sold in the United States)
The Subaru Outback, Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Photo by Nick Pryde.

It’s a stellar update, adding 415,738 images, coverage of vehicle subsystems such as Heating and Air Conditioning, Body, Diagnostics, Electrical, Wiring Diagrams, Engine, Driveline, Transmission, Steering, Suspension, Tires and Wheels, and more.

New handy references, such as Owner Manuals, as well as STARLINK®, Navigation, and EyeSight® Driver Assistance Manuals, shine. In addition, the “Subaru Special Tools” section provides a deep listing of tools to speed repairs.

Subaru update samples from ChiltonLibrary

The “Engine Coolant/Antifreeze Replacement Procedure” excerpt below shows part of a step-by-step procedure; a typical illustration; a link to the related procedure; and on the left pane, a snippet of the depth of the table of contents.

Let complete wiring diagrams illuminate electrical repairs. In the “Subaru Headlight System Wiring Diagram” excerpt below, bright colors correspond with actual wiring colors, and terminal arrangements are shown at the bottom.

Is the Subaru having trouble starting? Follow Subaru factory data test procedures and specifications―for instance, a starter magnet test―as shown in the excerpt below.

New to this update is the addition of Owner Manuals, EyeSight Driver Assistance Manuals, Navigation Manuals, and STARLINK Manuals. These manuals can be downloaded for quick reference. Having this data on a smartphone can make buying certain parts, like winter tires, easier. The “Subaru Owner’s Manual excerpt” below explains tire specifications.

Your customers don’t have to search the galaxy for Subaru information and then wonder about the accuracy of what they find. In this new update, ChiltonLibrary shares trusted and complete Subaru service manual information.

If you don’t currently subscribe to ChiltonLibrary, we invite you to add this star to your constellation. Request a trial or contact your library consultant.

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